The temperatures are fluctuating wildly… One day starts at -20°C and my thermometer hits +18°C when the sun shines on it in the afternoon. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

I took both pictures on the same day at the beginning of March. And of course, when it was so nice and warm outside, I couldn’t stay inside, so I took a long walk around the village to Grössjön and back home again.

The snow everywhere is melting and opening the view for all kinds of forest plants. Moss and shrugs and flowers…

The ice on the lake was still thick and strong enough to walk on it, so I took the path over the ice.

When the sun slowly faded it became cold quite quickly so then I went on my way a little faster to get home before it would get even colder!

The road was incredibly beautiful and the sun was shining so brightly, being reflected off of the snow, that I could hardly see where I was going.
When I arrived home, I was cold and enjoyed the evening with a little fire, some tea and a good book.

There has been more warm days since then, some of the snow has melted away, but on other days more snow has fallen down. I love how the landscape and everything looks and can’t get enough of the weather and climate up here in the north. Even though I (still) don’t want winter to end, I can’t wait for spring and summer to come around, to see even more facettes to the beautiful nature and landscapes here.

2 Gedanken zu “Spring is coming closer

  1. The sun gets stronger, but the snow last a little bit more 😉 Naa, it’s beautiful when it melts away, and all the lakes, the streeams in the forest too. So much water everywhere. ❤

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