Lately, with the days getting longer and brighter, I have felt a lot of energy, that I get in the spring. The weather has also been warmer and it has been thawing on several days, which lead to a lot of melted snow and a lot of ice and slippery grounds on the following days… Somehow I have managed not to slip and fall (yet), but you should see how wobbly I am walking, desperately trying to move forward and not fall down!

The feelings of spring have led me to get some flowers for myself, that were on sale in the supermarket and also plant some of the seeds I got as a farewell gift at my old work in Germany.

By now the seeds have grown quite a bit, I have yet to take some new photos of them, but here are some I took last week!

I’m really excited about their growth and can’t wait until they are big enough to put them in bigger pots or even harvest them. For the summer I want to get myself a little greenhouse in my garden, so that I can set my plants outside and have them a little more sheltered. Updates on the plants are following soon! 🙂

Tomorrow, my mum is coming for a visit and I am so excited to see her again and show her everything about where I live now. I am sure she is going to love it and I can’t wait for her to arrive, so I can pick her up from the station in Sundsvall! ❤

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