Since moving up here, there have been several nights with (strong) northern lights… Sadly, anytime it happened, there were also clouds…

My first time I saw a faint shimmer behind the clouds, I was able to get some really blurry shots.

More recently, the northern lights showed again and I could see again nothing but a faint shimmer. But that didn’t keep me from trying to take some pictures. On the pictures the light looks really green and bright, in reality, I wasn’t able to make out a color and it was by far not as bright as in the long exposure pictures.

At the end of March there is a forecast for some more northern lights, and I am hoping for clear skies to finally see them clearly!

2 Gedanken zu “Northern lights and clouds

  1. It has been such a bad season really, I have only seen like maybe 3 or 4 shows that has been intense, otherwise it has been cloudy and all of that 😦 But I do like these photos ! It’s a nice effect with the clouds also !

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    1. Thank you Iza! Yes, next season will hopefully be better! But there are still gonna be a few last chances in this season as well 😊


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