Finally more snow came. Like much more snow. Oh how I love that!! Snow turns everything in the most beautiful version of itself… The forest looks just magical, the roads are pretty and fields and lakes look so smooth and calm covered in a thick blanket of snow.

Lots of new snow also meant that I had to shovel the driveway, which I gladly did. As a couch potato I am happy about any „exercise“ I can get and if it keeps snowing I am quite optimistic about having a well trained body in the summer 😀

With loads of overnight snow I also had to free my car from the snow, as it was completely snowed in. That was fun! 😀
The temperatures dropped to -20°C and while that is kind of cold to be outside, it also gave me the opportunity to take one of those super cool I-throw-hot-water-in-the-air-and-it-freezes-instantly-photos:

Pretty cool, huh?
I had waited impatiently to try this on a sunny yet cold morning like this. Last year in Älvsbyn, I totally forgot to try that when it was so cold!

Other than that I am still just enjoying going to work here, learning Swedish by speaking it and still trying to get the personnummer from Skatteverket (which is ridiculously complicated). I am glad to be here and am looking forward to more snow, maybe some northern lights and longer days! 🙂

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