Clouds were gone in the last week and the days were incredibly bright. Everyday the sun stood noticeably higher in the sky, the days were noticeably longer and ice crystals were sparkling in the sun.

On sunday it was especially beautiful. Just 2 days earlier some fresh snow had fallen, but the temperature dropped below -15° C and so the snow was still powdery and fresh a few days later. It was windy on sunday, so the powdery snow was blown back into the air, creating an almost magical golden glow.

I went for a walk in my village and just enjoyed the cold and crispy air and those beautiful surroundings that I found myself in. On the branches there were ice crystals that I tried to take a picture of, because they looked so delicate and had such an interesting shape.

On m way back I met some neighbors, which was nice, I had a little chat with them and again I am so happy to live in a place with such kind people! And doesn’t the road look amazingly beautiful with the snow and the light? The small red house on the left is my home 🙂

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