On saturday I went ice-fishing with a friend. We started in Bispgarden and drove to a nearby lake, where we drilled some holes into the ice… It was quite thick and we were lucky, that the drill was just a bit longer than the ice was thick!

This was the lake

The surroundings were amazingly beautiful though and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures! Lucky for me, the first holes we made were in places with very shallow water underneath, so at first no fish were biting and I had plenty of time to run around the area, take pictures and just enjoy being in such a wonderful place.

can you see the animal tracks in the snow?

After a while the clouds disappeared and the sun created the most wonderful golden light. It was breathtaking!

Since some time has passed without any fish biting, we took the rods out of the water and made a fire to have some tea and sausages.

After warming up a little, we drilled some new holes in some distance and found quite a deep place of the lake. There we were able to catch 2 fish, which we later cooked for dinner.

I did not expect the amount of butter, that is used for cooking in Sweden, but the meal was very good and I am super happy about the day we spent. I am so curious to learn more about the culture here and about a life so close to nature and the outdoors and am very excited to learn more about that in the future! 🙂

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