Last week was my first week at work.

I am so happy to have found a job like this. I can work with children and get to learn more about the culture and language of Sweden everyday.

My colleagues are very nice and explain many things to me when I don’t understand, but with every day I feel that there are less things that I don’t understand and more things that I can say.

At work everyone speaks Swedish for me. We only use English in case I absolutely don’t understand the things that they say. Everyone is very patient with me even though my pronunciation is probably very hard to understand and I am only using very few words to say what I mean to say. But I am eternally grateful for their kindness, understanding and way to make me feel so welcome at a place I only just arrived at.

Everything around here is so beautiful!

I hope that I am able to give as much back to them and give them the needed support in the daily life, I am doing my best.

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