Today was a beautiful day outside, so I took the chance to go for a walk in the woods.

The warm temperatures of the last few days have melted away a fair amount of snow, so in the forest bits and pieces of bushes and smaller plants started to show again.

The snow itself was quite icy, so even though I was able to walk on some snow scooter tracks, sometimes it was super slippery and I had a very hard time not to fall down. When I noticed that the ground was icy, I stepped aside and walked through the snow that wasn’t compressed by the scooter, so that my boots would sink in a little and it wasn’t so slippery anymore.

I walked up the hill to Grossjön, which is another lake here in the area. I noticed so much bearded moss on the trees and lichen, that looked so interesting and beautiful!

When I reached the lake it was absolutely quiet. I just stood there listening to the silence.

While I was standing there, I heard a very small sound coming from the forest and when I turned toward it I could quickly watch a mouse disappear through a whole underneath the snow. Only a few moments later I noticed some birds flying in between the trees, singing beautifully as if to announce the arrival of the first feelings of spring.

I am sure though, that it will take another few months for spring to truly arrive and I am hoping for colder temperatures and more fresh snow again. According to the weather forecast I might get lucky tonight! 🙂

After standing there for such a long time, feeling the fresh air on my face and in my lungs and taking in the beauty around me, I headed back to my house, facing the sun.

Right after starting the way back, I met my neighbors, who were so kind to show me some extra paths in the area, explained some animal footprints in the snow to me and which of the young trees are eaten by moose and which aren’t. It’s always so interesting to learn about the flora and fauna and especially the rich nature here offers so much knowledge that I have yet to gain!

Now I will head off to light a fire in the stove and spend a cozy evening on the couch. Tomorrow will be quite an exciting day in Solleftea, meeting with different people and talking about possibilities for me to maybe find work!

I hope you enjoy the evening as well!

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