In the last few days, I met neighbors and had a friend over for a visit. All of that sadly while *still* being sick, so I wasn’t very active on here. I slept a lot in the last few days and went to Solleftea a few times to run errands and meet people.

I will have another meeting in Solleftea on tuesday, that I will hopefully be able to talk more about afterwards.

Yesterday we had horrible weather. After it had snowed in the past few days, yesterday the temperatures raised well above 0°C and it was pouring rain all day long. So the streets were super slippery and the snow was very tough to drive on. I did not like this at all.

However at night the sky cleared up for a short while and gave view on some faint Aurora Borealis. Sadly I had trouble setting the focus of my camera right and the clouds had returned when I had finally found it, so my pictures are either blurry or cloudy, but I saw it and here you go 🙂

Error 404 focus not found
and then sadly the clouds returned

After that I went straight to bed and fell asleep immediatly. It had been a long day.

Today I was finally able to get my internet. The box to recieve it was delivered to the closest post station, which is in Langsele, about 25 minutes from my home. So I went to pick it up there and went on a walk in the forest while the sun was still up.

It almost looked like spring outside

The weather changed from foggy to sunny to snowy to rainy and then back to foggy again within just one hour. The snow was quite tough to walk on, because it was so wet and heavy, so I didn’t go all the way to the place I wanted to go to.

I also took another photo of my house:

Now I will go to bed again, I need so much sleep!!

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