The last few days I spent either in Sundsvall or at home unboxing. I feel like I want to get so many things done at once, that there is no time for anything else.

Not everything went according to plan now and some things turned out more complicated than I thought.

I am currently only using my mobile phone for the internet, because I will only get wifi in about a week.

Views from the car is all that I got to see of the beautiful landscape here in the last few days! I am hoping that this will soon change!

We spent the day before yesterday at ikea and coop in Sundsvall, buying things that I will need in the next few days/weeks. From general things like a vacuum cleaner to things like firewood for the stove in the living room, laundry detergent or food stuff like olive oil. Anything that I will need. We then tried to go to a car seller, but they turned us down because I don’t have a Swedish personal number yet and so they can’t register the car with me. After those frustrating news, we drove back home to sort away more of the chaos and empty more boxes. On the first day it had taken us about half an hour to find plates and cutlery to have breakfast…

So to summarize the first day: no internet, no car (and low chances of getting one), chaos at home and the worst of all: no time to explore the forest and be in nature.

This is where I would like to spend my days now.

The most frustrating about this is that it feels like I am sooo close to getting it, because I will go to Skatteverket on Wednesday as soon as they open to get that personal number. I have all documents on hand that I will need, so there should be no problem.

Yesterday we went to Sundsvall again, to try to find a car, that maybe I can buy after getting the personal number or rent until I can buy one. And it worked! I have a car now, that I can drive until I get a personal number and keep after I got it. The perfect solution! 🙂 I drove it home and I am so relieved that I have a vehicle of my own, otherwise I would have had a super hard time getting to Sollefteå for the personal number!

After that, we took some time to go outside and enjoy the nightsky. It’s incredibly beautiful and I can see the milkyway from my garden. Don’t believe me? There you go!

I’m not the most skilled astro photographer (just yet) but I took some photos with my camera, while lying on the ground, watching the stars and listening to the singing of the ice from a nearby lake.

Behind the trees there was a super faint shimmer of light and I think that might have been some northern lights.

Yesterday I got really far with the unboxing and there are no more things to go get in Sundsvall today, so I will finally explore the area and the forest with my dad!

I am sorry to have had you waiting so long for this update, I am sure from now on things will be easier and I will keep you updated!

4 Gedanken zu “So much to do/days in Sundsvall

  1. Ina , this still sounds wonderful and exciting, a few troubles at the start is only to be expected. Cool pics of the stars 🙂 It would be fun to see your house or the area you are living in aswell.

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Yeah, those are just small rocks on the road and now that some things have calmed a little I am already more relaxed about it all!

      I will surely post photos of the house and area once the chaos here is mostly gone and I have explored more of the surroundings! 😊


  2. That sure is northen lights, you might wanna heck it out again tonight, I think today, and maybe tomorrow will bring some show too! I will text you when we start our joruney up, and we can hopefully spend some time out in the forest when we arrive. 🙂 I think we might get up in the afternoon 😀

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    1. Awesome! I’d love it to spend some time out in the forest together! Still got so much exploring to do, have hardly been outside since my arrival due to other things with higher priority! 😊


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