The second day of our roadtrip started with breakfast in the hotel. Which was so nice!

Then we continued our drive. We started off where we had left the E4. The E4 is one super long highway, that basically leads across the whole country of Sweden. So we went back on track and started driving, while the sky slowly turned from black to blue. At first we didn’t see much of that though, because it was super foggy and the sight was limited to only a few hundred meters… Since I was the one driving, I decided to lower my speed. I was super scared to hit a moose during the blue hour and not being able to see it due to the fog, so I stayed well below the speed limit.

It stayed very misty and dark until we were driving somewhere between Linköping and Norrköping. Since then we have been blessed with the most beautiful sunlight, that let’s the snowy winter landscape truly shine!

Now I am excited for the rest of the trip, the landscapes that we have yet to pass and of course our arrival at my new home this evening!

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