There’ll Always Be Unforgettable Memories Behind Your Goodbyes.

The last weeks and days have been full of farewells and goodbyes. And even though I have chosen to move to another country, saying goodbye to so many people that I appreciate and love and enjoy having in my life was one of the hardest parts in leaving.

Leaving work. I still remember the first time I saw our office, the job interview, my first day at work and the first weeks after starting to work full-time.
I am so so so lucky, to have had such a wonderful team around me in my first full-time job and that even though they were sad to see me go, they are still rooting for me to do and see awesome things in Sweden and want to be kept updated on my life there. (Hi to everyone from Convalesco and Zaubersterne who is reading this here! 🙂 )

Selling my car. Oh my beloved car…
It was a wonderful car to have. I hated to sell it, to let it go and to hope that whoever will have it in the future will be as happy with it as I always was… I was so absent minded on the day I sold it, that I think I forgot a CD in it.. I hope whoever finds that CD will appreciate it too. It’s a self made mixed CD with Rock songs on it… Gladly I always have digital copies of any CD that I get, so even thouh the CD is lost, I can still hear the music!

And of course saying goodbye (maybe not forever, but certainly for an unusually long period of time) to family and friends. Both of which I have tried to see more often in the last few weeks leading up to my move to share some more memories together and all of which are of course invited to come visit me in Sweden at any time!! 🙂 ❤
Still it wasn’t easy and I will miss every one of them dearly and certainly text them as often as possible! 🙂

Now only the Van still needs to be packed and my journey can begin tomorrow! I can’t wait.

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