I can count the days until my move to Sweden. And that’s exactly what I am doing! 10 days until I arrive at my new home, 9 until I leave everything that I have known behind and start the journey up north. I am already checking the weaher forecast everyday and I am so happy to see that there has been snow already and the temperatures dropped below -5°C!! That’s exactly what I am looking forward to! Snowy days and frosty air to create a beauty that makes the darkest time of the year all the more worthwile. Here in Germany we had only very little snow last weekend and it melted away within only a few hours.

Since I am counting the days I created a countdown here.

At the moment I am still doing some last minute organizations. Things that I couldn’t get done earlier because I needed more information, and other things I couldn’t do previously because of several reasons. One example being selling my car. I still need it this week to get to work, so I couldn’t sell it earlier.

It is such a weird feeling, knowing I will be in a completely different place just 2 weeks from now. I feel so blessed and excited for it and can hardly wait, but at the same time I feel sad about saying goodbye to many people who I probably won’t get to see for quite some time…

Yesterday was the first time I had trouble falling asleep. I had so many thoughts in my head about arriving in Sweden, where to put things in the house, how my daily life will be like etc… Really little things compared to what I am trying to get done during the day, but it kept me so occupied thinking that I really couldn’t fall asleep. After a while I fought down my excitement and managed to get some calm thoughts and slip into a really refreshing and deep sleep. It probably won’t be the only sleepless night before my move and I can’t put into words how excited I really am.

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