Recently I went hiking a few times in Ratingen. I found this great website with hiking routes in the area, so it was easy finding a good place to start.

On most of the hikes it was raining and cloudy, so I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do. The ones I took are mainly moody and dark but I am hoping that soon I will get the chance to take brighter pictures again!

I came across this little village, right behind those soft hilly fields and for a short moment the sun came out from behind the clouds, just for a moment before disappearing again.

But the soft light and high moisture everywhere made up for some really pretty close ups of berries and small wet twigs.

The latter image and the following one I shot on a path leading parallel to what looked to me like a haunted house… I don’t know why I felt this way, because the house didn’t look especially abandoned or worn down, and maybe it was just the general feeling of darkness on that day, that made me associate the house with that feeling.

Even though I got so wet in the rain during my hikes, I enjoyed spending some time outside and feeling the rain on my skin again. I am glad it is finally raining so much again and nature can finally start recovering from the horrible drought we had this summer!

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