Yesterday I started my journey to Groede in the very south of the Netherlands.

It is a tiny village that I have known since my childhood and I have spent countless vacations with my family here. There are numerous childhood memories connected with this place for me, that made it almost unbearable to think I would move to Sweden without saying goodbye one last time. So that’s what I did.


On our first day of the trip I felt quite sick. I had a super sore throat and a pounding headache, but once I made it through the 3 hour drive and smelled the fresh and salty air, mild wind on my skin and the soft strokes of sunlight reaching through thin clouds I felt better by the minute. Some tea helped as well.

After arriving at the house and setting all of our stuff up, we headed straight to the beach. We, that is my beautiful friend Maria and myself.


We took lots of photos and I started to take some video footage, which I am hoping to put together into a little video sometime later.

So far we are enjoying the calm of just being here and feel very blessed to spend time at such a beautiful place.


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