Last weekend I got to harvest my parent’s quince tree.


I had noticed that it was heavy from all the fruits for quite a while, but the harvest can only start after the first frost. So after we had that 2 weeks ago, I just waited for a nice day to relieve our tree of all that excess weight.


Before I did, I took some pictures with this lovely tree, because I felt so inspired by all the fertility and wealth that it eradiates. I feel so rich looking at all the fruits the tree produced this year. Like seeing a treasure that I only have to collect.


When standing below the tree, I could smell the sweet scent of the quinces. Fruity and fresh, yet very sweet this year and very intense.


When I harvested them early on the next morning, the twigs and branches snapped up quite noticably after I freed them of the weight of the fruits. Some were so big and heavy.

By the end of the harvest I was hardly able to lift the basket I had used to collect all the quinces.

I made a little film about how I harvested the tree (or at least most of it) and you can watch it here:

I hope you are having a great autumn and maybe get to harvest one or another fruit as well! 🙂

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