Lately I’ve had the privilege to go hiking more often. One of those times I spent with a friend at Lake Laach in the Eifel.

We started early in the morning to see the sunrise and when we started it was still so cold from the night that we got to see the first frost of the season.


We had checked the weather forecast and knew it would become a lot warmer later on, so we had a lot of layers of clothing on us. At the beginning it was quite cold nonetheless.

Tha lake had some bits of fog rising up from the water and it was a magical view to witness.



We continued hiking around the lake and found a beautiful place to stay for a while and watch the sun rise up higher and higher.



We could still see some fog rise up at the other end of the lake, where there was still lots of shadow.

What’s interesting to know is the origin of the lake that we visited: volcanic!
It’s a caldera that last erupted some 13.000 years ago. However the lake has an eruptive cycle of about 10.000 years, so it is due to erupt sometime in the near future. Geologically super fascinating. We also saw some mofettes on the shore of the lake – little gas bubbles rising up from the water, a sign of gas leaking from the ground.

We continued our hike while watching the lake and all of our beautiful surroundings.


Everything looked very autumnal and the cold, fresh air and low hanging sun added even more of a feeling of fall to it.


I would definitely recommend hiking at lake Laach to anyone who is geologically interested and/or looking for a beautiful place for an easy and short hiking adventure with beautiful views!

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