Last weekend I was hiking with a friend and we visited the beautiful area around Nettetal and Hinsbeck.

We started the tour at around 9:00h in the morning and the weather was just perfect for a hike. The sun was shining and we had around 20°C, with a fresh breeze of wind bringing cool air. Clouds were sometimes covering the sun, but not always and so we had all kinds of different views.


On our way we came across a wooden watchtower, which allowed us to look across the amazing landscape and forests around us.


On our hike we also came across a dried out lake. It made me think about the weather and this summer in general. Even though the extreme heatwave had ended and we did have some rain here in Germany, the last few weeks still felt exceptionally dry!


There was hardly anything but a puddle left of the lake and you could see lobsters walk around between the puddles, trying to find  a space for themselves. I hope it will rain more soon and the ecosystem will be able to recover from those extreme weather conditions!


The trail led us also through forests and fields and the whole trip was very quiet and remote. We hardly saw any other hikers and we only met very few cyclists on our way.


Some places and moments were so peaceful and quiet, that I just stood and listened to the wind moving the air around high in the trees.


Not far from the end of our hike we could see the watchtower again, that we had climbed right at the beginning of our little hiking adventure and soon the path led us back to our car. I hope to see more golden autumn days like that one, but I am also longing for some colder weather and rain!


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