Those last few days have been so warm again. The drought has more or less come to an end. There has been some rain, but it came too late to save many of the trees. Lots of them have already shed their leaves and despite the ongoing warmth and sunshine all of the surroundings already look like autumn.

The view is beautiful, like every year, but it came too early and somehow doesn’t feel right. The nights are lacking a cool breeze and the days don’t offer enough sudden rainshowers and dramatic looking clouds.

I spent some evenings seeing friends and enjoyed a sunset by a closeby river:


There were so many sweet looking houses closeby, I just couldn’t help but photograph them. They looked so cozy and beautiful in that glow of a late summer night. It was so relaxing just sitting by the water, watching the light fade and watching the water come and go with each passing ship.


Another day I spent on a lake. Swimming in the natural water and seeking cover from the sun in the shade of a tree. I still got a little burned on my back, as I didn’t use any sunscreen and there are some UV rays reaching even the shadiest place.

DSC_0091    DSC_0112







We came by a field full of flowers and butterflies on our way to the lake. The whole field had white flickering dots on it and a closer look gave away, that it was all butterflies and their swift wings all over the field. What a beautiful view! I felt like it was a small moment of magic and I will keep it with me as a reminder of the beauty that stays with and within us at all times!




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