A few days ago a spectacular event took place: A full lunar eclipse and a so called „blood moon“. Of course that was something I definitely didn’t want to miss! So I went to the Skeppsmalen coast with a beautiful lighthouse, to see the blood moon rise above the ocean.


What I hadn’t thought of much until then was, that in Scandinavia and especially as far up north as I was, the sun sets very late, so at the time of the lunar eclipse it was too bright to see the moon.


So I waited and waited and waited, until it became darker and darker.



So then, long after the sun had set and also quite a while after the actual lunar eclipse was said to have taken place, I decided to go back to the hotel. And came by the beautiful little village of Skeppsmalen.


So then when I arrived back in Örnsköldsvik, I could finally see the moon. It was really faint and hardly noticeable, but strong enough to take some last pictures of it.


So there it goes. I was lucky and got to see a bit of the lunar eclipse! I saw so many pictures on the internet like on instagram on facebook of people who saw it too. Did you get to see it?


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