I’m writing this now after a long and exciting day.

We went hiking in the Skuleskogen Nationalpark again and took the south entry this time.


We went to see Slåttdalsskreva and took the hiking trail over Slåttdalsberget to get there. It was super hard to  go all the way up, especially since the way soon led out of the forest and over sunny and rocky terrain. In all the heat and with so much sun it almost looked a bit mediterranean instead of what I imagine typical nordic terrain looks like.


We had a little break at the highest point and I enjoyed the view over the baltic sea. I really don’t like sunscreen and I expected the path to lead mainly through the forest, so I didn’t use any before starting the hike. I always have a little bit with me though, so in emergencies I can protect my skin. Getting a tan isn’t really possible for me, but I also rarely ever get a sunburn. Going up on a mountain with no trees and no sunscreen is maybe not a smart idea though, possibly not smart at all, maybe even a little bit dumb. So during that pause I finally used some and protected every bit of bare skin I could find.


Later we reached Slåttdalsskreva and enjoyed a bit of the cold air there. We then had the choice between taking the same way back that we had taken to get there, which meant taking a very steep way, or going a longer and less steep way, coming across a lake and also descending to the baltic sea and walking alongside the coast. We decided to take the second option. After descending to the lake, we took a short swim there and enjoyed the super warm and nice water.


Refreshed we took the path through the deep woods down to the coastline of the baltic sea. The forest was absolutely magical and had a lot of beautiful flora and fauna to offer.


The further down we went, the more humid the air became and the louder we could hear the waves and the seagulls from the coast. A little path led away from the hiking trail and after only a few meters we stood right on a sandy beach.


I did not expect this sudden change from forest to beach, but I found it to be absolutely amazing! We went back to the hiking trail and found several more hidden beaches on our way. We also found many many anthills and had to be very fast to not get lots of ants on our shoes and legs!


Finally the path led to the end of a bay and then up the hill back to the parking place where we started. All in all it was a wonderful day and I have lots of beautiful memories (and photos!!) that I will take back home.

If you are interested in the pictures I am taking, check out my instagram and flickr to see more of them! I only publish my absolute favourites on my instagram and I publish lots of my photographs that I don’t share there on my flickr!

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