Today I went to explore Skuleskogen nationalpark, south of Örnsköldsvik.


It is an amazing place with many different views. There is a lot of forest, but also very rocky terrain, which offers an entirely different flora and fauna.


Usually this area is very humid and full of water, but there is a drought in Sweden at the moment (maybe you heard about the ongoing forest fires) and so a lot of the moss was dry and dead and the ground was really crunchy to step on at some places.


Still, most of the park was still rather humid and the trees were green and alive. I can imagine how it must be like during more rainy times and it must be just as if not even more beautiful! After passing a lot of anthills on the way, we finally reached a very wide viewpoint, from where we could overlook much of the park.


In the bushes you could find some berries, and I even saw some other hikers eating some of them. I didn’t dare to, because I don’t know what kind of berries they are yet.


All in all it was a beautiful pla visit and if I ever get the chance I will make sure to visit again! 🙂


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