Finally finally finally I can say that I am in Sweden again!
Yesterday I took a flight from Germany to Stockholm and drove all the way up to Örnsköldsvik!


It was so interesting to take the same road as we did last winter and see how different the landscape looks with just a few months in between. Many places that I identified then as „snowy fields“ turned out to be lakes or rivers with little islands in them. Good thing I never got to park a car there!


Late in the afternoon I arrived in Örnsköldsvik and after taking a short break, I went to explore the city a bit. I desperately needed that break, because last night I was just too excited to fall asleep and it took me a huge amount of time to do so. In the end I only slept for 3 hours, as I had to get up at 4 in the morning to board the plane to Stockholm in time.

Just when I finished my break, the light had changed and instead of the harsh afternoon light, I was facing the start of the „golden hour“, which was flooding everything in this special shine.


I absolutely love being here and I am already excited for the next few days and see even more of this beauiful area! Today I will explore some of Skuleskogen Nationalpark and of course write about it later.


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