Even though it is the middle of summer, I can’t help but think back to the last winter I had. Maybe, because the weather this year is so unusually hot, that I long for the cold and quiet of winter.

Never had I ever seen that much snow in only a few months! It started in december, when there was a little bit of snowfall in my hometown, continued during my stay in Sonthofen and after that in Sweden. I loved it! Everything about it. The brightness, the cold, and the way it made everything feel soft and muffled in such a quiet and elegant way. There are simply no words to describe it.


So today was the first day after a long period of summer heat, that I felt I could breathe again. A strong wind came and brought cooler air and made the sky look really wild and dark.


Since I haven’t been feeling myself lately and was feeling exausted I decided to make myself comfortable and have some tea.


It was one of the best decisions I made during the past few days and I felt so relaxed and well again afterwards. A relaxing moment can give you back so much strength and I haven’t had a lot of them lately, which made this one so much more special!


Wherever you are I hope you are having a wonderful day as well! 🙂

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